Well that’s a bit broad.

Does something mean an activity, a food, a hobby, a job, a…I could go on but I won’t.

Well I enjoy roleplaying, obviously, and I enjoy writing and fantasy, but these are likes which if you have read this blog or know me at all you will know about.

Dragons is something I like, but I don’t think enjoy is the right verb to use in that context.

Something I enjoy, which isn’t obvious and not something I have mentioned before. I’ve mentioned lying in before, I am sure.

I’m pretty damn sure I’ve mentioned how much I enjoy sushi (went over the weekend for a birthday celebration, so tasty!).

Oh, I’ve got it. Sets. I enjoy sets and collecting sets of things. This isn’t to say I have an obssession with buying anything in a set, but if there is something I like, and there are others in a set then I will probably make efforts to achieve them.

This applies to all sorts of things, stationary a lot of the time (I can never just have the folder, I have to have the folder, the notebook, the pencil case and the pens), jewelery as well (I recently spent a lot of effort acquiring a bracelet to complete my set of turtle jewelry from accessorize because the bracelet had gone out of stock whilst I wasn’t looking, ebay for the win here), books and series of books (i hate missing volumes, even if you wouldn’t notice from my bookshelf) and other more subtle things like having one of every colour, which currently applies to the origami flowers on my desk (every time I see a sheet of paper in a colour I don’t have i purloin a sheet and make an origami flower for the collection).

There is just something about a matching set that gives me great inner joy. Sometimes it makes shopping expensive, but we all have our little (or large) quirks.