In broad terms, the cause I support and will always support is cancer. I lost my best friend at the age of 15 to bowel cancer, and recently my grandmother had a bout of skin cancer that was thankfully operable, so she’s currently fine.

I know there are lots of different factors surrounding cancer so whilst i do support cancer as a whole, I also focus on certain bits, particularly agencies that enable suffers to ontinue to live at home rather than in the hospital (Iain Rennie was the charity organisation that helped my friend in particular) but also the charities that provide support. MacMillian is the big one there.

I think that’s something I should plan to do in the future, a race for life event. All about cancer and you’re encouraged to wear pink, which was my friend’s favourite colour. Excuse me while I go and look up the next one in my area, and then see if it’s feasible for me to do. I do hate running on principal, but I like supporting a good cause more. Probably.