My bed. Without a doubt, my bed.

Comfy, snuggly, warm, and where given a chance I will probably be there an given weekend morning (and weekdays morning where work is not happening).

I my bed I sleep, and I doze, and I have the most wonderful dreams, which often fuel my creative thoughts for the next day or two. My dream last night was about saving an endangered monkey, but one of the people who I thought was helping me wanted to eat him. My dreams are fantastical like that.

Snuggling also takes place in my bed, late night chats with a wide variety of topic from the daily life to the silly. Last night was all about trying to guess where I quoting from. There was a facepalm when he realised the answered which was amazing.

But most of all it is warm, and I hate getting out of it in the mornings. It also keeps the monsters from snatching at my ankles during the night. Yes, I do believe in monsters under the bed. I can’t be genre savvy and not 😛