Does this have to be someone I know or can it be a famous person? Because all of my friends and family have thier moments of comedy, where they say something and I split my sides laughing, but none of them stand out above the rest.

Comedians I like are Dara O’Brian and Russell Howard. I first saw both of them on Mock the Week and love thier sense of humour, Dara with his irishness and Russell just because he’s genuinly funny to me. I do love Good News as well, and I want to see them live but the one time there was a gig in Norwich I didn’t have the money for it *sad face*.

Still I have thier DvD’s, but it would be nice to see some new material. Knowing the end of the joke does spoil it ever so slightly, so I usually wait a while between watching repeats so that everything can be funny all over again.

I do have new DvDs to watch. not comedy ones, but all about the earth’s different climates! I am such a nerd sometimes.