Since it’s a Tuesday, I’ll take week to be the last seven days rather than Calendar week, because Monday was a Monday and today waking up was hard.

Over the weekend though was the 24 hour roleplay which gamessoc hosts every year. It was awesome, and I got to play Aphelion (a homebrew sci fi system) and tagged onto the end of the Icons superhero game, as well as some cool mafia games and I made a treasure hunt that people enjoyed, and there was ascension. Only bad thing was that Princess: The Hopefull didn’t go ahead because two of our players left early for various reasons. Although when I say early I mean like 3am early. I stayed til 10am, making my stint 22 hours long. I did have a nap, but I know what I am like, I am a sleepy creature.

We’ll run princess another time, and I’, currently designing my princess outfit, which involves rainbows. So many rainbows. Gonna be good.

But yes, I had a very fun time over the weekend, even crashing out afterwards was nice because I like taking naps during the day. Hate mising out on the sunlight, but I like sleeping. I am a contradictory creature as well.