Whoops, skipped a day. But considering it was a Sunday and an IoD Sunday that’s not surprising at all. To me at least. My Sunday’s are busy days. But I did get a lot of roleplay done, and that’s always a good day when roleplay is done. So I am playing catch up today.

A skill I plan to learn this year is a martial art. Maybe Krav maga or Kick boxing. Something that can keep me fit and healthy as well as helping me to get some anger and agreesion out. I am very much yang and not yin. It think that’s the right way round anyway.

But I think the answer for this question is going to be a skill that I have wanted to learn for a while but have no plans to learn in the near future. I would like to learn how to play the piano. I played Tenor Horn in secondary school which was nice and I have an appreciation for music, but I love the piano for its abilities as a standalone instrument whereas brass instruments are best played in bands.

So today’s answer, the piano.