And this is why I started on a weird day, so that the Thursdays could line up and be all nice and shiny.

A fav memory, hmm. Well I tend to say I don’t have a very good memory, so my choices may be a little limited. Although I do have a knack for remembering the prices of things.

Favourite doesn’t have to mean good does it. Well in that case I think it has to be the evening we (we meaning me, mum and brother) discovered that brother had finally overtaken me and was taller than me. I was so distraught, because he’s younger than me but he got taller and it was so unfair. I can still remember when I used to be able to rest my chin on top of his head and now he can do the same to me. It’s freaking weird I can tell you that. Younger siblings should stay exactly the same! My brother’s now 21 and I still picture him as this awkward teen in my head. To be fair the only thing different between my brother of seven years ago and the brother of today is the height.