Back at my mum’s house for the holiday’s. It’s quite nice, although I miss all my friends back in Norwich, since I went home very early.
Also, I’ve look through all of the presents under the tree. Not one of them is for me, it’s rather annoying. I mean, I want lots of cash since I’m planning to buy a tablet this Christmas, but I want *something* to unwrap.

Been shopping for a bridesmaid dress with my mum and we found this dress which is absolutely gorgeous, and we’re getting it in this really vibrant blue colour as well. Although the one they had in the show room was too small for me to try on (size 8! no way I’m getting in that) so our helper lady tried it on for us and we could see how lovely it is.


So pretty!

So I’m home, amusing myself, reading a book full of writing tips and trying to work up the courage to edit my own first draft. It needs a lot of editing.

I’ve also been debating whether to keep a diary this year or not. I’m thinking no, since I never read my old ones, and I never keep them faithfully. I’ll just use this instead šŸ™‚

Happy Christmas to you all!