Meg had an expression that rivalled thunder on her face. She had one hand holding up her chin and the other tapping out a staccato beat on her desk in her cabin.

Her first mate shifted nervously as he stood in front of the desk.

“So, you think they won’t show?”

Meg stopped her fingers dead on the table and the first mate winced.

“No, they’ll show.”

He waited for the explosion and when it didn’t come, tentatively spoke again. “So what are you so tense about?”

Meg huffed and threw herself back into her chair, rocking it on its legs. “There’s no doubt that they’ll show. What I doubt is every other promise that they made. My mother is not a women who sticks to promises she makes. I doubt that they will hold up their end of the bargain, and I severely doubt that they will just go along with the little plan that we’ve cooked up.”

“So we do we do about it?”

“We set up a little cheat of our own.”

“But we promised that we wouldn’t. She might not keep her word but we do.”

“I promised that neither me or my crew would do anything. But I know some fellows who are neither me or my crew.” She grinned.