Arabella pushed Lydia towards her dressing table and chair.

“Sit.” She commanded the tiny girl.

“Mistress, you really don’t have to…”

“But I want to! I adore doing your hair. Are you going to tell me not to?” Arabella turned her biggest pleading eyes on the smaller girl.

Lydia smiled shyly. “Of course not mistress. I just don’t want to be a bother.”

Arabella smiled and motioned for Lydia to turn and face the mirror. “A bother is the last thing you are to me Lydia.” She picked up her brush and started to comb through the long pale blonde hair. She then stopped and held the brush to her mouth as she thought of something. “I’m not a bother to you, am I Lydia?”

“Or course you aren’t my lady! It’s an honour to work for you. And..well.” She fidgeted with her dress a little. “I like spending time with you, I consider you to be my friend.”

“Oh!” Arabella squealed and wrapped the tiny girl in a tight hug. “You are just far too adorable. Of course we’re friends.” She brushed away a tear from the side of her eye. “Now turn back around. I want to try something new.”