Tess stretched and yawned in the morning sun as she stood at the entrance of her cave. The morning was already half gone and there were loads of people up and about already. Over the opposite side of the canyon was the pool that they had created to supply them with fresh water. Some people were gathering it, and Tess could see the small collection of people with tubs that were used for washing.

There was a small party descending from the heights, with woven baskets around their shoulders, which would be a foraging party coming back.

A man was just sitting outside his house, with tools laid out as people brought items up to him and he fixed broken household items.

Tess leaned against the wall of the cave as she looked out over this nation that she had built. It was all the small things that were going on that brought a smile to her face. Just watching two people greet each other, or people work in teams to achieve the small daily tasks of life.

Then she spotted Darren walking up the slope to her cave, carrying a net of small berry like fruit that made a very sweet juice. She smiled even more at that. All the small things made this life worth living.