Karise stood up, and the other two could hear the trembling in her voice as she told them. “You two should go.”

Adrianna and Vesper looked at each other, then talked in unison. “Dearest Karise, why would we leave you?”

Karise half turned towards them as they stood up. “I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

They simultaneously took her hands as well.

“No one knows what’s going to happen. That’s why it’s called the future.” Vesper smiled at Karise.
Adrianna squeezed the other girl’s hand. “We’re not going to leave you Karise. We can’t leave you. You are everything to us.” Adrianna brought up Karise’s hand to her mouth and kissed it.

Vesper lent her head forward and touched their forehead together. “Dearest Karise. We will always be there for you. We couldn’t live without you anymore. We’ll stand with you, no matter what comes our way, because you are the most precious thing to us in this world.”