Kelly had her bracelet off again. She was counting through all of the different charms on the bracelet that she had gotten on that holiday. No two were the same, although they were all cast in the same metal. It defiantly wasn’t something that you could buy in the shops over here though.

Here was a clock, then a mouse, then a sail boat, and a book, then a cat and a bus.

It was a rather eclectic collection of things around the bracelet really.

It was all in all, rather curious, as her mother was fond of calling it.

To be fair, Kelly herself was curious. She had tried to find that little shop again before they had left the city, but hadn’t managed to. Even though she swore she retraced her steps exactly, she just found herself in a little alleyway.

It would have been nice to. She really hadn’t had the time to look around the shop. And it was definitely a curiosity shop. The little man who ran it had pressed the bracelet into her hand so almost forced her into buying. Not that she regretted it, it was a lovely charm bracelet. It was just a bit mysterious in all.

Kelly was going to do a little digging around on the internet, see if she could find out anything about the bracelet, or that shop. A little curiosity never killed anyone. Well, except the cat.