It was an eerie sight. The fog swirled around, and thinned just enough to make out a pair of whirling eyes, glowing blue in the early light. There was some sort of shadow which the eyes were sunk into, but it was just a shadow.

Keit took a couple of steps and, warily drew his sword.

Then the shadow smiled.

A huge roar sounded and reverberated around the volcano, and huge gusts of winds blasted the mists away from the shale beach. Keit scrabbled backward in horror as the huge blue dragon was revealed, wings outstretched to their full extent as she directly her maw towards him.

He tried to run, but it really didn’t make any difference.

The roar ended with a short, sharp snap as her jaws closed around the unfortunate man. Anyone close enough felt their stomach turn as they heard the sound of crunching bone and armour, followed by the sound of swallowing.

Myelin called out to her. “Kate?”


“Uh, are you okay?”

‘Interesting question. Physically, I am fine. Mentally, a little disappointed’

“Any particular reason?”

‘Revenge is supposed to taste sweet. But frankly, he just tasted greasy.’ The dragon made a face and stuck its tongue out. ‘If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to find something to wash this taste away.’

Kate spread her wings and launched from the beach, sweeping more than one person off their feet as she did so. The taste of revenge was very sweet in her mind, but very much not in her mouth.