Lara rocked the crying baby in her arms.

“Shush. There, there little one, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

The rain battered against the outside of the tent and Lara tried to calm her son down. He quietened down slightly.

“There we go, see, it’s all fine.”

Lightning flashed across the sky, and a few seconds later, the thunder rolled across the tent where they were camped and Daniel started to wail again.

“Shush.” Lara said as she rocked the babe in her arms and the tent flap was quickly pushed open. A gust of wind blew through the tent as someone came in and tried to quickly shut the tent behind them, struggling against the wind.

Lara curled up protectively around her child, trying to keep the wind off as Noah finally threaded the tent closed and stood up to brush his hood off.

“God awful weather out there.”

Lara smiled. “I know, someone in here hate it, don’t they little one.”

“Ah.” Noah came over to the pair of them. “I hear the wailing over the rain and wondered if there was a problem.”

Noah attempted to tickle the boy’s tummy but he just wailed as another crash of thunder was heard overhead.

“Shush my little one. There’s nothing to fear here. It’s just the weather.” She rocked her baby, comforting him with a mother’s natural instinct. She then smiled at Noah, “If you managed to hear him over the sound of this storm, then he must have a pair of lungs on him.”

“Has he not been straining your ears then?”

“Not really. I think he just wants some more comforting. Don’t you, don’t you.” She descended into baby voice.