Rose pushed through the crowd as she spotted a very familiar back, which a sword strapped to it.
“Excuse, me. Pardon me. Can I get through please?”

She broke through the front of the crowd. “Esme!” She called out as she jogged up to her.

Her sister turned to face her, and gave a very small smile as she raised her hand in greeting and then took a step to the side.

Rose gasped as another women was revealed to be standing behind her.

“Mama!” Rose flew over to her and flung her arms around the mother that she hadn’t seen in months. “What are you doing here?”

“Helping out my girls, of course.” Katherine hugged her daughter back fiercely. “I do hate break this apart so soon, but have you seen your sister?”

“Danna? Last I knew she was at the engine rooms, but that was a couple of hours ago.”

Someone coughed behind her mother, and all of the women turned to see that a bald man with a chain of office around his neck had made the noise.

“Ah yes, Councillor, meet my youngest daughter, Rose.”

Rose gave a curtsy to the gentleman, whom she now recognised the chain of office as one of the five councillor who ran the city.

He gave her a short bow in return. “The pleasure is all mine. Although I must say, I am surprised.”
“May I ask why sir?” Rose enquired.

“I’ve known Katherine for a very long time, but only this morning did I discover she was a mother.”
Rose smiled. “She’s the best mother in the world.”

“Oh I don’t doubt it. How many children to you have Katherine?”

“Esme, my eldest, you’ve already met. Danna is my middle child, and Rose here is my youngest. Three was enough for me.”

Her mother smiled at the councillor as she took Rose’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “Shall we?”