Falen stood on the balcony, looking down at the garden. She could see them down there. The mother and her daughter.

It wasn’t fair.

Why could she have time with her mother? Spend time with the person that had bought her into this world, why Falen couldn’t.

Here she was, half the geographical world away, and so much further than that away in spirit.
She wanted to be beside her mother. Wanted to be with her as she slipped away from this world. Falen knew that her mother didn’t have long left in this world. And it was tearing her apart to be here.
She looked down at the couple in the garden, just wondering around and looking at the flowers. Green envy clouded her vision, and she gripped the balcony harder.

And then all the tension left. Just drained out of her. She sunk to the floor and le the balcony support her weight.

It was out of her hands. Simple as that.

She had done what she had done, and these were the consequences for it. Falen just wished she knew what lay at the end of this path. Her mother had the power to see the future, but she had not inherited it. How she envied her mother now, able to know what would happen if one did this, or one did that.

How she envied the girl down there, who could spend time and touch her mother. Falen just wanted to go home, to her mother. Just to see her, one last time.