Lydia beat her hands upon the glass prison that she was trapped in, her tiny fists making no noise to the outside world.

“Help! Let me out! Please, let me out of here!” She was almost sobbing, pleading with someone that she couldn’t see.

The room outside was dark, and empty. The only thing she could see was her own prison, softly lit by some unseen source.

She continued to beat upon the glass wall, but nothing happened. The glass didn’t even vibrate, it was so thick. Lydia slumped back from the wall, and started to sob. Pulling her legs up to her head, she wrapped herself up into a ball and let the tears flow.

A time of indeterminate amount passed, when Lydia cried herself to sleep. A sudden knock against her back woke her up. She uncurled, and turned around. Valerion was the other side of the glass, trying to mouth something at her as he bashed against the glass with unnatural strength.

“It’s doesn’t work it’s too thick!” She said to him, hands on the glass and desperation in her eyes.
He tried a couple more times and then stepped back to look over the cage. It was shaped like a tear, with a point at the top, rounded sides but a flat bottom.

Valerion said something to her, which she couldn’t hear. He then made a back away motion with his hands and took out a short staff, which he expanded out into a spear.

Lydia backed away from the wall, and as he hefted the spear over his shoulder, she realised his intentions and covered her ears and went to the ground in a protective ball.

The sound of the glass shattering around her tore through her sensitive hearing, and she whimpered with pain as the sound of breaking gave way into the tinkling and crashing of shards of glass falling through the air.

Survival instincts kicked in, and hands still over her ears, Lydia turned to run, as something hit her from behind and swept her up.

Valerion jumped through the falling glass and landed on the other side of the shattered prison. He got to a safer distance away before he stopped and them put her on her feet again.

“You okay?” He asked, his voice fading in and out.

“My ears are ringing, but yes. Thank you.”

He held out his hand. “Come on, some others came with. Let’s find them.”

They were just turning to jog out of the room, when a voice came from behind them.

“Oh no no no. I spent far too much time getting you here to just let you break out that easily.”