The two blood mages stepped around each other carefully, avoiding the cracks on the floor that they had already made.

Francesca stretched her fingers and refreshed a spell that she held there with a quick mutter.
Narissa did the same, but her mutter wasn’t quiet enough, and Francesca caught a syllable. Oh how predictable she thought, as she freighted a step and then lunged.

The air literally crackled around them as the curses went off. Francesca opened with something obvious, and as expected it was countered.

Both women were light on their feet, and fast. You had to be in duels, otherwise you were dead. They had both fought each other before, but this time was different. This time, they were aiming to hurt each other, it wasn’t just for practice.

Narissa let of a couple of curses which we deflected away, cracking some of the circular seating around the room. The dance of curses and deflections and counter curses was so familiar, Francesca was beginning to enjoy herself.

No. She shut it down. Concentrate. Now is not a time to enjoy it. Save it and gloat later when you win.

Eventually Narissa was worn down to one spell left hanging. She muttered and free cast one spell, which Francesca twirled around and then spotted movement out of the corner of her eye. So that was her plan. She feinted, going in the direction that Narissa thought she would go in, but suddenly turned and leant back at the same time.

She felt and saw the hand, crackling with black lightning, pass just over her chest, and in the snap second of surprise from Narissa, came back up and her own hand connected with Narissa’s chest.

A touch was all it took for her own curse to go off, and Narissa’s soul was hers.