“So we have a cigarette butt which has given us a DNA sample, but not hits in any of the databases. A scrap of fabric which looks like part of a shirt, but a mass produced one which anyone could buy from their local Primark and a drop of oil. So where does that leave us?”

“Without a clue I would say.” Leah leaned back in her chair and put a cigarette into her mouth.

Chris reached over and took it out. “No smoking in the office, how many times do I have to say it?”

“At least once more.” Leah crossed her arms and gave him a look.

“We know that someone was there. And I consider it pretty unlikely that someone would be there by chance. We were careful setting up that drop, and we choose that location because it was remote. Someone must have been there to spy. The question is who or what agency?”

“Why do you think it’s an agency?”

“Because I can’t see any solo individuals or smaller parties slipping under our radar. We swept that place before and after.”

“Maybe someone was there earlier in the day?”

“The cigarette was still warm when we found it.”

“And it was cold out that night. It was definitely smoked very soon before we found it. Let’s go over the schedule again of what happened. See where and when someone might have been able to get through.”
It didn’t help. Natasha even drew a diagram up on their whiteboard.

“Yup. We’re clueless.” Leah said unhelpfully when she was finished.