“Happy birthday sweetheart.” Rhydian said as Rose walked through the door to the living room. She smiled at him, and walked over to his chair. Kneeling down beside it, she wrapped her arms around her father and buried her head in his lap like she used to when she was a small girl.

Rhydian smoothed the waves of her hair back.

Turning her head slightly so that she could talk properly, Rose asked “Just us two? Nobody else came home.”

“I’m sorry sweetheart. I’ve got cards from all three of them, but none of them managed to make it. It’s just us two. I hope that’s okay?”

Rose cuddled him harder. “It’s fine. We’re just very apart a lot of the time. I do wish they could make it home once in a while.”

“I know sweetheart. They promised to all be home for Winter’s Fest.”

“That’s only a month and a bit away.” Rose rested her chin upon her father’s knee. “It’ll be nice to see everyone again.”

“Did you want to have your presents then? Or maybe a bit of cake first?”

Rose smiled up at her father. “Of course I want my presents Papa. Presents first, and then cake.”

“I hope you like the cake, I baked it yesterday.” He moved his cane as he leaned over the side of his chair and bought out the first of the presents he had been hiding down there. “This one is from me.”