Tess was the first one off the longboat they had used to come ashore and the first one to feel the sand of the beach beneath her shoes. She breathed in deep, the hot air filling her lungs as she got the first breath of a new continent.

Turning back, she helped the other scouts to pull the boat up fully onto the beach so that they could start unloading the supplies they had bought with them.

Darren had a hand over his eyes, shielding them from the beating sun.

“It’s rather bare, isn’t it?”

“Have you ever seen a beach that wasn’t?”

“I’ve never really seen a beach before.” He picked up his feet and looked down at the sand. “It’s not very walkable is it. How do we expect to pitch tents?”

“You get used to it. And we’re not going to pitch here. We’re not going to be using tents in the normal sense. There’s a sort of wooded bit a little further on. It’ll be good to start with.”

Darren gave her an accusatory look. “You said that we would be able to build here. I don’t see how if what we have to build on is sand.”

Tess smiled at him. “There’s a cave system. Do you really think I would have bought an entire generation out here if I wasn’t sure of what I was doing? Give me some credit for thinking ahead.”

Darren stumbled as he tried to walk on the sand. “You can have some credit when I get off this beach.” He grumbled as he wiped sand from his face.