Willow sat on the wall, with one amused eyebrow cocked as the gathering exploded around her.

There were those who were obviously guards, they had a uniform and matching spears and everything. Of course they were the one trying to form a perimeter around the wall.

The civilians were being herded back, and there was an armed guard forming around a central knot of people. That was incredibly dumb, she thought. If she was here to kill people, then getting all of the important people into one location was just about the worst thing that they could do.

A second row of elves had formed behind the first, and in unison, they chanted the same spell.
The same flash of power erupted from each of their right hands, and gracefully curled round to home in on her.

How amusing, she thought, as five of them hit her at the same time. The flash of light blinded the elves, but Willow, merely smiled. That had almost tickled.

She sighed. If this was the best that the elves had to offer, then she was disappointed. And she had so been looking forward to actually being challenged by her brethren’s abilities.

The elves had their sight back now, and were definitely surprised to see her still standing,
“Again!” One of them shouted.

Willow audible sighed this time and hopped down off the wall. “Oh, don’t bother. I’m basically indestructible.” She flicked her hair back over her shoulder and then crossed her arms.

“I’m here to talk to Le’valle. Now, are you going to be civil about this or do we need to do it the hard way?”