“Yeah, the chances of that happening are zero.”



Elise put her hands on her hips and looked at Francesca. “Why are the chances of you telling the council where Belraxar is at the moment zero?”

Francesca held up her hand and lifted one finger. “Number one, it moves. I know where it was last, but it’s probably not there anymore.”

“Wait, it moves?” Elise exclaimed.

Francesca held up a second finger. “Two, that would be far too easy if I told you. You’ve been trying to find it for over half a century now. I’m not just going to spoil all that hard work.”

“What do you mean it moves? It’s a castle!”

A third finger joined the hand. “Thirdly, I grew up there. It may be the home of the most powerful necromancers, but I still was born and grew up there. I don’t want to see my home destroyed. Besides, most of my stuff is still there.”

“How does a castle move?”

“Are you still going on about that? Did you even hear points two and three?”