“I hate Tyrone. And I do not use the term hate lightly. The tale is too long to recount in its entirety, but I shall tell you some of it.

“I remember some pieces from when I was very young. I was in, well, we called it holding. It was a place where Tyrone kept people to experiment on. The powers that you see him use are only a small amount of what he can do. He has other powers, powers which are not so suitable for showing in front of his subjects.

“Occasionally he would take one person from holding, sometimes they would return, but most of the time they would not. We would hear rumours, of course, about what had happened to them. Experiments that ended in monstrosities, powers gone mad. I often hoped that they had died, it would have been kinder.

“I remember when they came for my best friend. I tried to hold onto her, but they beat me off. That’s when I got the scar by my eye. They didn’t spare the blades. I was so torn up for days.

“When I escaped I ran through most of holding. And I saw the results. The rumours were only the surface of that. And I found my friend. She was still alive, but probably worse off for it.

“All that I saw there is burn on my memory. I remember all of it. And that is why I hate him. And I will continue to do so.”