Jess rolled the ball around the garden, giggling to herself as she slipped over the uneven ground. The ball was twice the size of her head when she was done.

“Lysan! Help me put this on top! It’s his head.”

Lysan was wrapped up in two coats, but he still had his arms crossed over his cheat and a frown on his face. He shivered as he tramped towards her, making a big show of stamping each foot into the previously undisturbed snow.

“Stupid cold winter, stupid sky frozen water.” He grumbled under his breath as he picked up the ball, sat it on the now nearly complete snowman. He then stamped back over to the door of his house and crossed his arms again.

Jess didn’t look at him as she bite back giggles, and proceeded to mark out eyes, nose and a mouth for the snowman, which had ended up taller than she was. After hunting around the yard for appropriately shaped sticks for arms, she stabbed them in and looked at her handiwork, mostly satisfied. It still needed one more thing.

She made her way back to the house and a grumpy Lysan. “Poor baby, are we not liking the weather?”

“You know I hate the cold.” He grumped at her, poking his mouth just over the top of the scarf wrapped around his head.

“Awww, I’m nearly done.”

“Nearly? It looks fine, let’s go back inside.”

“Nearly.” She smiled, leant in to kiss him, and then as she pulled back, pulled the scarf with him.”

“Gah!” He yelled as the cold air hit his neck. “Heartless women! I’m going back inside, screw this cold weather!” And with that he stomped into the house, slamming the door after him.

Jess giggled and then took the stolen scarf back to the snowman, draping it around his neck.

“There, all finished.”