Willow shrugged on her coat and flicked her long hair out. “What time is the movie?”

“Half an hour from now. But that’ll be when the adverts start. We’ve got time” Adam called back. “Do you have the tickets?”

“They’re on the fridge, I think.”

Adam came out of the kitchen wafting the two tickets in her face. “Opening night, front row seats. You have got to be one lucky girl.”

“It’s all about who you know.” She replied, airily. “And I know pretty much everyone.”

“Ddin’t the producer ask you to be the lead in this movie.”

“Yes, but I was never made for the silver screen.” She linked her arm in his as they walked out the door. “Frankly, the movie would pale in comparison to my real life. Why would I want to act like I’m in a life or death chase across the continent when I can just get in one in real life?”

Adam ruffled her hair. “One of these days you’ll cause world war three.”

“No I won’t. You’ll be there to stop me.”

“Now there’s a good plot for a movie.”

“Please. There’s enough stuff in our lives to make more movies than James Bond can put his name to. We just live exciting lives.”

“Not that anyone would believe that half the stuff in them is true.”

“And this is why I let other people do the acting. My life is too unbelievable as it is. Being in a movie would just get confusing!”