Ashley, Chole, Martin and Kevin were sitting around the table, pizza boxes and Styrofoam boxes were evidence of the dinner that they had just consumed.

Ashley popped the cap off a beer with a hiss and took the first swing. “Anyone else want one?”

“Nah, I want my wits about me in case we have to move on short notice.”

She shrugged. “Suit yourself.”

Chloe put a hand on Ashley’s knee. “It’s okay, you drink if you want to. It’s not that much longer now.”

Ashley sighed. “Twenty-four tomorrow. Happy fucking birthday to me.”

Kevin smiled. “Well, to be fair, if we get through it, then you’ll have the best birthday present from it.”

“Ha!” Ahsley threw her head back over the edge of the sofa. “No more potential for marriage. Gods, won’t that just be lovely.”

“No more thinking about locations, dresses, evil vampires trying to subvert you to the unseen forces…”

“Good things all round.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, a toast.” Ashley raised her bottle up. “To the day after tomorrow, may it come very soon and very fast and bring me freedom!.”

The other three grabbed bottles and raised them up to Ashley’s.

“To the day after tomorrow!”