Leah tapped her finger’s against her chin. “Tall, dark haired and handsome.”

“Well ain’t that a fucking cliché.”

“I like what I like, what can I say.” She shrugged.

Liam scribbled that answer down in the magazine. Okay, next question. “What are your hobbies?”

“Guns and cards.”

“I said hobbies, not lifestyle choices.”

Leah kicked the bedside table and gave his arm a knock. “Ow! Careful, Or I’ll get the nurse back in here.”

“You bring that fucking bint back in here and I will personally see that you enter this hospital as a patient and not a visitor. And they are my hobbies. Guns and cards are my passion and have been from a young age. I just have the fortune that they come up a lot in my life naturally.”

“You sure that’s fortune, or do you just hang around with people that like to gamble?”

“Maybe I have the misfortune to be around people that need to get shot a lot.”

“Aww, I think someone’s getting to excited about having visitors. Let me just call the nurse to give you a nice relaxing shot of morphine.”

Leah reached forward and grabbed his collar. “You even go near that call button and I will show you how passionate I can get about getting my way!”