“Rose! I got the bread you wanted.”

Rose smiled at him and held out the basket she was carrying. “Thank you Dean! That’s one more thing off the list.” She took out a pen and carefully struck one of the items off her shopping list.

“Rose! Here’s the cheeses. The seller gave me a little extra and said to say hi to your father for him.”

“Oh, how sweet! Thank you Thomas.” Rose put the cheese in the basket and crossed that item off the list. She settled the basket down on her hip again and ran a finger down the list and the remaining items.

“I still need meat for tonight, oh, and some bits for the table. We’re out of candles.”

The two boys followed her , glaring at each other when they knew that Rose wasn’t looking.

Danna was following behind the party, giving the two boys and her younger sister some space. She turned to her older sister and said, “It’s seems that Rose has suitors vying for her attention.”

Esme smiled. “Indeed. Our little Rose is growing up so fast. It almost brings a tear to the eye.”

Danna laughed. “I’ve almost got a tear in my eye from laughing too hard at the antics of those two. Poor, poor boys. They are entirely smitten.”

“Frankly the rivalry will do them good. Each other them is very different from the other.” Esme tapped her chin. “Yes, they do quite nicely as rivals to each other. And for our sister.”

“Indeed. Of course, they are our rivals as well. We’re not just going to let them take our dear sister away from us just like that, are we?”

“Of course not. Come, let us go and interfere.” Esme linked her arm through her sister’s and the two followed after the tri.