Lilianna’s eyes fluttered open. Her head was throbbing gently, her visions slightly blurred as she tried to adjust to the low light in the room. She attempted to sit up, only to realise that she was bound, hands and feet, and unable to move except to roll over.

“Shush, don’t try and move. Just relax, there’s a good girl.” A soothing voice came from somewhere over her head, and a hand began to stroke her hair.

Lilianna closed her eyes tight as she recognised the voice. “Conner?” She whispered.

“Yes, I’m here love.”

She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes, as well as all the conflicting emotions that he could summon simply by being near her.


“I missed you.”

The response was so simple, the tears started to flow down her cheeks, onto the bed that she was lying on.

“And tying me up?”

“I don’t want you to escape. It would break my heart if you ran away from me.” He gently wiped a tear off her cheek. “If only you weren’t so pure.”

Lilianna sniffed. “If only you weren’t so intent of destruction.”

“I don’t want to destroy everything.”

“No, just everything that makes the multiverse function.”

“Lil…please, don’t hate me.”

She started crying properly then. Conner sat her up and gathered her to him in her arms, making shushing sounds and stroking her hair.

“In here, we can ignore the world. Just the two of us. All of the If only’s in the multiverse don’t matter in here.” He untied the ropes that held Lilianna’s hands, and then released her to move down and untie her feet.

She thought about it, running away. But she didn’t make a move when her feet were free. She wiped the back of her hand across her face to get rid of the tears, but they were just replaced by fresh ones.

Conner cupped her face between his two hands. “I love you Lil, and my heart is yours. No matter what else I do, I will always love you.”

Lilianna grasped his hands, and then leaned up to kiss him. She shouldn’t do this. She should run, she should hate the man.

But in here, nothing else mattered but the two of them.