“Oooh, look at that bear! It’s soo cute!”  Sasha squealed as they passed one of the game booths at the fairground.

Kelly looked over at the game. “Shooting game. Sure, want me to give it a shot?” She grinned at her own pun.

“Ooh, would you?” Sasha was making those little excited hands as she looked over to the bears.

One of the men who was standing at the booth with one of the guns in his hands scoffed. “Yeah, right. We’ve been trying this for a half hour. The game’s rigged.”

Kelly raised an eyebrow, as she looked over their uniform and guild tags. Military, and not very high grade either.

“Yeah? It’s that hard?” She asked, loading up her voice with girly abandon and worry.

They laughed and made space. “Yeah, but don’t let us stop you. Hey after you go, maybe we’ll try again and win it for your friend.” They grinned at Sasha.

Kelly picked up the gun and felt it in her hand. Then she grinned back at the guys, tossed the gun in the air, caught it in one hand and fired off three shots. Each of them made a ringing ping sound as they toppled three targets.

Sasha squealed again as the man running the stall handed over the huge bear, Kelly put the gun down and  turned away from the stall, giving the military men a short look. “Uh huh, rigged.”

She turned her back on their grumbling and smiled at Sasha. “You like it.”

“Yes! Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou! And those guys…”

“Eh, they were just trying to show off. Guys. Testosterone. It happens.”

“Really, they didn’t bother you at all?”

“Frankly, they just make me laugh.”