So Empire.

Was totally amazing.

So glad I got persuaded into going. The culture of the game, and the immersion and the people and the roleplaying and the fighting was totally amazing. I think my costume turned out good in the end. At least when I said on Facebook that I was worried that my costume wasn’t up to scratch lots of people replied saying that my costume was good 🙂 But the standard of costume there was amazing! I am actually going to have to get contact lenses in decent supply and face tattoos for next time, as well as some little in character herbs and plants and phys reps and dear god I am going to turn into a perfectionist over this.

So I came in without a group, which I was a bit worried about, so I hung around with some OC friends for the first day, but after that (When some of them had to go home because of hypothermia. It was that cold!) I broke out on my own a little bit more and had a really good time. I met some other people that I knew OC and some people that I didn’t know OC, and got to talk with my Nation a lot, and interact with them. I tried to get involved in one of the bigger games, and I seem to be taking to trade a little, as well as some politics to do with healers. Turns out I like battlefield triage, so I’m taking my sticks and some potions onto the battlefield with me and getting people up on their feet. Not as good as physicks, but I get people up when they fall over on no hits. Which meant that I saved 3 people in our big battle.

The culture of the game was excellent as well. Since we’re all nations of the Empire, there’s a lot more cooperation than there ever was in Maelstrom, and there are no more random stabbings! I can walk around on my own, even in the dark, without weapons and everything is perfectly alright! I mean, there were a lot of fatalities, but that was from the major battles. Which they have worked in really well. There’s a portal, and you open the portal to the other place in the Empire that you want to go and fight in and voila! The field stays safe but we get to go and fight. There were two huge battles with five nations each, and then smaller skirmishes for each nation. It was pretty damn good, although I will not be taking a backseat with the healers from now. That was boring as hell. Front lines for me! as long as I can get my armour for next event. I need some pauldrons, but those shouldn’t be too hard to get a hold of.

But apart from the cold, which meant that a bunch of us, after one night of very little sleep due to shivering, went to travelodge to sleep. Best idea ever. So the cold was bad, but at least it was dry, and the event was really really good apart from that. I got me some new swords (set of three, long blade, short blade and dagger, all matching!) and little bits of kit like pouches and a sheath for my pole. Some teething problems, but it was the first event of a new game. I expect that. Next event should be even better. And yes I am planning to go to next event.

You know, with all the pictures and talking about Empire still going around, I don’t think I’ve quite come down from the Empire high yet. This I like 🙂