Time has become a valuable luxury for me as of late. I mean, I love this job and I’m actually shadowing and doing things and putting my name on the end of emails to the clients and things and it’s great. But Jesus my to do list just keeps piling up and I have a very active social life and all sorts of thing to do and arrrrrrrgh!

So social life, there’s a game on Monday, which this week was replaced with a birthday party of all you cane at sushi which was really quite brilliant. I ate sooooooo much. But it was good, although I didn’t have any other time because after we got back home I went straight to bed. yesterday I had to, well, not had to, but you know, really really should have so did, all the stuff on WoW that I hadn’t done in the previous week from the new patch stuff. So the new raid finder, and some of the daily quests, and the new world boss (boy was that a chore). Tonight is more WoW stuff since it’s raid night and there are new parts of raid finder. Tomorrow there is probably Tea and Typing, although I am checking that, but if there isn’t then that does give me a free evening, and I think Friday evening is free, and Saturday during the day is free, and during those times I need to work on my Empire armour, because that’s rapidly coming up and I need my costume to be made by then and hopefully all the things I’m getting from ebay will have come by then as well! Although it turns out that finding rabbit fur, fake or real, is actually quite hard. I want some to edge my hood in. But it’s not absolutely necessary. It would just be a nice touch.

But that’s the main thing that I need to do soon, my armour. After Empire I can start to make another list of to do things, which I am sure will get quite long, but there we go. Having no time at all is just making me appreciate the little free time that I do have, and my freaking amazing social life. I can  being doing activities every night of the week and have basically no free time and I still love it! I regret nothing. Having a job is great. Although my lunch breaks are something I do look forward to.