Well, I was going to be writing with friends this evening, but it got cancelled. Ah well, next week.

I’m still working on my NaNoWriMo novel from November. I haven’t really made much progress on it. So That’s why I like this new thing that’s going on, but I’ll make a post about it when it actually happens.

I’m just finding at the moment that I’m have to very carefully organise my time.

Sorry, just got distracted by a cake decorating magazine which I have now subscribed to. I know that you can’t actually tell, but I feel I should inform you. Because baking is awesome.

But yes. Work is good, but I do need to organise everything better now. Like feeding myself. That was difficult in the first place and now it’s even harder.

So yeah, I need to go make food. And then I can spend my evening writing. Good times.