Had a little bit of disappointing news this week, I didn’t get the job that I interviewed for back in January. But they said that I interviewed really well, and the only reason they didn’t hire me was because one other guy had basically done the job in another company, so had very relevant experience. But they will keep my CV on their files so if something similar comes up, I might be in there. Silver lining.

I then got contacted by another lady from an agency, who has a job that she thought I was suitable for, so she sent my CV off, the company like the look of me, so they’ll give me an online test and if I pass that then I go for interview. So there’s hope for me yet. Also my jobseekers went through a lot smoother this time round.

Apart from that it’s been a fairly boring week. Still jet-lagged and attempts to get my sleeping cycle back on track have failed miserably, but at least I am keeping to my diet that I proposed for myself back at the start of the year. After coming back from America at least. You cannot keep to a diet on holiday, no matter how hard you try.

This weekend has been fun though. Weekend of roleplaying. There was Lost on Saturday afternoon which was quite nice, I got to have some nice little scene with some people, and my new costume turned out really well for that. Then there was Shades in the evening at which I got to be as fabulous as I usually am. And then today I got to come to Cambridge mage for the first time, which was nice. Got to do a little bit here and there. And earn some Arcane XP. It was good overall. Now I am sitting in the bar whilst Requiem goes on upstairs. I have no enthusiasm to play in Cambridge requiem. But I do still like requiem, and there may be some other things I might be considering. Including running my own tabletop game very soon.