Well, I’m going to America on Saturday morning, so today you get my packing list!

  • Clothes, including underwear
  • Jumper and raincoat just in case it isn’t 20 degrees
  • Toiletries
  • Diary, notebook, pens
  • Passport
  • Money
  • Shoes
  • Entertainment for the plane

That is of course in broad categories, my mother had a much more detailed list, but those are the basics. Turned out the thing I forgot was shampoo, and I also had to hunt down to find my hat. But I’m packed and ready, although I need to run errand for my family tomorrow. And do my laundry tonight. Stupid snow made my jeans all muddy. I bet it’ll all be melted by the time I get back.

So yeah, that’s the 30 day challenge done (finally) and just in time for me to go on holiday. Back in February!