Well, most immediately I am going to America. I’m going home tomorrow and then getting on a plane early on Saturday morning. Going over to Florida for a week, so lots of roller-coasters and theme parks and then visiting my grandparents who live out there for half the year and celebrating my mum’s birthday.

It’ll be February when I come back and I’ll be planning to take my first foray into being a GM and then if it goes well, then I might be considering doing something else that I’ve been mulling over.

The really big thing that I hope and dream for in the next year is a job. That’s the main thing and everything else will work itself around that. I’ve recently had an interview that I went to and haven’t heard back from, so I’ll give them a quick email saying, hello, I still exist, how are things, have you made a decision yet before I pop off to America.

Frankly apart from the job most everything else isn’t something that I’ve really contemplated. My social life will adapt itself around work, and then I’ll do what I always do which is make things up as I go along. There are some vague plans that I have, but they are so vague that I don’t want to mention them since I’m not sure they’ll really come to fruition.

Oh, I do want to finish writing my novel by the time that November rolls around, so that’s….9 months. Hmm, I should get on that.