Hmm, well I can summarise a little I guess.

Early December I was doing much the same as I have been with looking for a job and then playing a lot of WoW. There was the tail end of term, so a requiem game, and other tabletop games happened.

I went home for Christmas, met up with the family and new family (my mum has a new partner and I was meeting my potential brother in law for the first time) and had some fun times. Met up with my friends on christmas eve and we did our secret santa thing. Then christmas, with presents and everything eaty. Boxing day was pretty relaxing. Day after we did Dad’s side of the family, then there was some cleaning of the room, then a spa day before I headed back home for a new year’s christmas party.

Back in Norwich there was an awesome new years party, then some more job searching since I had my meeting on the 2nd, and then there has been some tabletop gaming, some socializing, more jobsearching, and the usual faf that fills my life these days.

That’s my last month of so. Christmas was awesome though.