Aw man, remembering? At least it’s a freaking sunday.

Monday: Fairly boring day as I recall, coming down from the IoD high of the previous night, played some WoW, oh went out to the university and got to talk to some people about things that needed doing, like getting on the temp register, baked some cakes for out GM for the game that evening and then attended our Mirrors game.

Tuesday: Did some things on the internet. Did some more things on the internet. That’s about it.

Wednesday: Raid day! Lots of WoW, found out I have an interview! Which was good, unfortunately depression hit and I spent most of the day in a flump.

Thursday: More flumping!

Friday: I described in great detail already. See previous post.

Saturday: Got up rather late, again, as I am bad at getting up at the moment, and someone came and knocked at our door. It’s not like I was properly sleeping until 3pm, but getting out of bed seemed like a bad idea. Then I did get up, had a shower, put my things together for Requiem that evening, spent some time on the internet working out what I needed to bring since I was hosting the event with other people, then spent some time making Darkmoon Fair cards so my Monk could have a relic (yes this is WoW talk) and then it was time to go to Requiem. Hop in a taxi, say hi to the wargamers, go get food, come back and start setting up for the game. Game happened! Oh my god it was good, there were changelings in my vampire game. Then back to Ellie and Robin’s for after game talks which was awesome and went on until like 4am, it was insane. Then came home back to bed and somehow end up at Sunday through the magic of sleeping.

It’s been a flumpy week. Also my memory is bad past about yesterday.