Another one of these? I’m beginning to think that the author of this challenge was a little lazy.

Today I am feeling very meh. Like in I try and do something and all I get is ………………………. I don’t think I want to do this from my brain. I mean, I have applied for a job, and replied to an email about an interview I’ve got next week, which really should have me jumping for joy, I have an interview! But for some reason it’s just one of those days. I guess that’s why I stayed in bed until past midday, something I haven’t done in a while (I like to be waking up at around 10, since that gives me a lot of the day to do things in whilst missing most of the obnoxious thing called the morning).

I guess this is depression rearing it’s ugly head again, although it doesn’t really feel like depression, it feels like apathy. I would go for a walk, but the weather outside looks disgusting, and I can’t actually think of anything that I need in town to make that an excuse. Oh, no wait, I can. My books came into the store. Maybe I shall go to town and have a nice walk around. A bit of exercise to take my mind off things.

And then I can come back and write downtimes. Writing downtimes should put my in a good mood. At least I hope it does.