Well, just give me something very open ended will you.

So there’s the usual emails, facebook, tumblr, this website. All those ones which you usually have open in the background just in case something happens on them. Google is obviously a frequented site, as well as wowhead for all my wow questions, wiki’s for various information on everything I do. currently on the Lost wiki since all the quotes and rumours from sunday’s game have gone up and they are amazing! Also have a whole list of web comics I read (OOTS, Girl genius, Gunnerkrig, Grrrl Power, Slightly Dammed, Girls with slingshots, Shadowbinders, xkcd, Magellan and more.). Hmm, lets see if my bookmarks have anything extra special in there…

Hmm, not really. Lots of individual tumblr links, but everyone knows about tumblr.

Oh, there was this website I was pointed to yesterday that all my friends know about. Lets see if I can remember what it was called.It’s something to do with white wolf world of darkness, about a vault like area 52, where they lock up all the bad and dangerous things. It sounds really cool but I can’t seem to find it. Ah well.

The website address I’ll give you is http://wodindex.wikispaces.com/Complete+Changeling+the+Lost because I use it all the time. Because I am a geek and love changeling.