A talent? Hmmm. Lots of hobbies, but something that I would call a talent? Now that’s tricky.

I remember back in secondary school, we did these CATs tests in year 7, and then two years later, in year 9, they used the results of those tests to place certain people who had scored highly on those tests into the gifted and talented group. I wasn’t in that, but I am quite clever.

Especially at maths, maths runs in the family actually, from my dad’s side. All of us are damn good at maths, even if I like geography and computing a little more, but there is a lot of maths in computing, sometimes.

Depends what you define as talented I guess. I mean, I think I’m a good writer, or at least I hope I am, but how do you test things like that?

I’m also a bit wierd and wonderful, but that’s just standard for the kind of people I hang out with.