Well, there are lots of art pieces, but I guess this means find one I actually like. Go go google-fu!

Right, there are a couple of artists pictures that i generally like, as well as a few posters in my room which I have because I like the artwork, and they’re kind of trippy. Two artists that stick out are Luis Royo and Mario Wibisono. This is Redemption, by Mario:


That’s the top half of the picture. And yes he is a digital artist. I ama  child of the more modern age. Not tht I don’t go to museums with my mother but frankly I much prefer the natural history to the tate.

I’ve got quite a few of Wibisono’s pictures but I would like a few more of them. I’ve just had trouble finding them. And trouble buying them, but that’s because I have no spare money. One of those, when i have money things I think, although I don’t have much spare space on my walls really.