Yes, I know it isn’t spring, but frankly if you only cleaned house in spring, then you would get a very dirty house.

So was in town with my friend yesterday and the subject of writing came up and blogs got mentioned, and then she said that this blog was one of the best ways the she kept up with what I was doing up in the back end of nowhere away from all my friends down here in Reading. So after a quick password reset (I mean come on, it’s been like a year since I last used this blog, like I was going to remember the password) here I am again, hoping that I can keep some sort of updates going to rest of the world and document the life of a recent graduate.

Current life situation: I graduated, and ever since July I have been looking for a job and had one phone interview and one face to face interview. Didn’t get either job, but at least it was practice. Oh who am I kidding, it freaking sucks not to have a job. And my mum kept saying “You’ll find something by Christmas.” Well Christmas was four days ago and no job, so I feel a bit like a failure. I mean, I know the job market is tough, but I guess that I need to be way more proactive about it come the new year.

I’ll do a new year post in the new year about resolutions, plans and all that jazz.

Okay, there was about a two, three hour break between me starting this post and writing this bit since I just decided that this was an opportune time to completely clean out my ENTIRE bedroom, including under my bed, my desk, wardrobe, chest, bookshelf and general gaps around the place. Man I have a lot of crap, which will soon become a lot less crap as I recycle/bin/donate a lot of it. I am now also covered in dust and my nose is feeling funny. If it wasn’t 1am then I would get the hover out, but I think that would push it too far with my mother.

I have cute stickers that I am going to stick on my notebook in a bit. Panda’s, whales and owls. All very cute. Going to have the cutest netbook. Although I am missing turtles, but they didn’t have any turtle stickers. Stickers are awesome though. And the whales have googly eyes. I may have got this idea when my friend bought the same whale stickers and starting sticking them to all of us. The one she stuck on my arm is now happily stuck to my netbook next to the one she gave me later that afternoon, and an idea was born. Cute things are cute and keep me going through the day. Google turtle eating strawberry and see my current squee picture which is my background.