Dissertation is 98% done! That means I get to finish and tweak it tomorrow, and then actually hand it in on Thursday, which is its due date. So yay! Things have gone according to schedule! Thankfully. Then I have another essay and a week to do it in, but there we go. The work won’t stop til I graduate and then I have to get an actual job. The horror.

Need to apply for more jobs. I just has responses back from the last of the people I applied to over christmas, and it’s another no. Which is needless to say, annoying. Something to do over easter, as well as revising and working on a presentation I have to do in week 12. I’m glad it’s in week 12, if I didn’t have easter to do it then it would be very very bad indeed.

Still obsessed by changeling. Can’t wait for the next game, it’s going to be amazing. Been doing downtime roleplay with my motley mate, and she’s been drawing different things and they’re all really really good and this is only fueling my obsession, but I now have one of the pictures as my background and then I’m trying to do my own pictures, although I suck at drawing humans which makes it tricky.

But yes. Obsessions are pleasing. And then I will have easter, although it’s not going to be much of a break and more of a do everything, since I need to find a house, jobs, and do some work, and go home, and revise for my two exams. Hooray for only having two. Easter Break is not going to be much of a break.