Can’t remember whether I have done a post about changeling, but I haven’t done one in while so I can absolutely do one here. Changeling is another Live Game that I’ve been playing. It’s an IoD – Isle of Darkness game, so it’s a nation wide game (or will be hen we get through our ‘initial’ trial period in the next couple of months) and runs once a month.

Changelings are mortals who have been taken by the True Fae and spent time in Arcadia (the Fae realm). They have then escaped back through the hedge (the bit that separates this world from Arcadia) and viola, one changeling. A group of changelings is a motley, and a big bunch that live in an area (for example, Norwich) is called a freehold.

My character is called Zephyr, she’s a dancer in real life and an Elemental Changeling (like it sounds on the tin) primarily of Air. She is, ever so slightly, and airhead.

Well, more than anything she a completely free-spirited and instinctual character, but it’s funny in my head to call the air elemental an airhead.

I’m having a lot of fun playing her. we’ve had four games (and the stating session) so far, and I’ve enjoyed them all hugely, and all sorts of relationships are forming. I have my motley, which is like a family, some mild dislikes of people/their behaviour and a love interest already! I love how they’ve all come about through IC stuff as well. I’m not the only love interest at the moment, and it’s fun to roleplay, since these types of relationships don’t come into the other games I play much/at all.

We’ve got a couple of psychologists in the game, one of which is my housemate, and they’ve been making up relationship charts. I keep trying to get him to let me see it, but he won’t (meanie) but I’ve made my on charts of hat my character feels about everyone, so there! But yeah, I’m a little bit obsessed by changeling at the moment. Any thread about it on Facebook explodes when Cam and Halloway’s players get involved. I wrote my background as well. 4000 words/6 pages. And I still could have gone into more detail. Why can’t essays be that easy to write?

But yeah, been on Ebay to get some props. Zephyr is going to Paris this downtime and is bringing postcards back with her. Also I get to wear pretty dresses, which go swish when I move. This may or may not have been a factor when choosing a character to play in the game.