61. Nature (2/1/12)

Willow was sitting outside on the edge of the woods, where the trees met the fields. Her eyes were closed as the breeze played across her, rippling the grass and her escaped tresses of her hair. She had been there for a while now, just listening. Ordinary people, if they listened hard might be able to hear the sounds of nature, such as the birds and animals chattering in the forest and grasses, the wind moving through the area, and the faint sounds of a stream in the background.

But Willow wasn’t listening to that. Anyone could hear that is they tried. She was listening to the deeper sounds, the primal sounds of nature itself, the deep pulses of the earth, life all around, the far sky gentling singing, letting her power flow into the nature that it came from.

With a sigh she let herself fall backwards, landing on the soft grass as her eyes open. The sounds of nature were something she could always hear, but never as clearly as she could out here in the open with no one around. It would be awhile before anyone saw her that night.