Daily quests. A source of money, sometimes amusement, and a lot of grinding. Just finished one set of daily quests to get of Exodar, started the of Stormwind, Darkmoon fair finishes today which means those are off the books for another month, but still have another week of Love is in the Air quests to do, as Tol Baraad isn’t going anyway anytime soon.

For those that have no idea of what I’m on about, this is more World of Warcraft. First thing I did today after waking up was go online and complete my set of daily quests, which are as they sound, quests which you can do every day. You get to do 25 a day (not enough!) and then they refresh every day so you can repeat them. Why would you want to repeat them? reputation with different fractions mostly. You do these quests, build up reputation, and when you have enough, you can buy interesting things from that fraction. At the moment I am doing Darkmoon Fair: a festival which comes once a month which sells a bunch of minipets I’m after. Love is in the Air: the seasonal festival for valentine’s day, which I have the pet for but am trying to work up to the mount, it’s really expensive. Tol Baraad: the current pvp grounds, but I’m doing the dailies for two mounts. Argent Tournament: Old content, but you can get mounts and pets from each of the five factions, and I;ve done two of the five, just started the third.

Why do all this? Basically because I like achievements. And mini-pets. There’s an achievement for getting 100 mini-pets and a different one for getting 100 mounts. I’m on 89/100 pets and 63/100 mounts. That might sound dumb to some people, but it’s what I want to do, and it occupies me when I might otherwise be bored.

Minipets are freaking cute as well.