A post that isn’t about the challenge! I did promise I’d do one. I will be posting yesterday’s and today’s challenge up as well, but I thought people might want to hear how things have been going over the past two weeks.

It’s been a little boring without university going on, but I am happy to say, that I am back now and had my first lecture this morning! (Oh, I’ve just realised this post is going to be in reverse chronological order) Earth and Life if my module (yes, singular) for this term and it’s an overview of how life and this planet have evolved from birth to what it’s likely to do in the distant future. Sounds freaking awesome from the introduction lecture we had today.

LARP yesterday, made me feel good to get out and run about with foam weapons. Got my invoker to level 6 as well, no more half level stuff. At least this time. Next week is paladin I think. More tank. Much more tank. I miss tank.

No Live games as of yet, but there was IoD sunday before last. Got to play Mage, which was alright, but I am much more captivated by Changeling. So much fun and I love my character a lot.

Hmm, less of an update than I thought I had, maybe pizza has sapped all of my creative out of me. It’s possible.